Laundry Made Simple.


You are in complete control of your laundry. Customized settings put you in control down to the type of dryer sheet used.


Login to your account to set a time, add multiple addresses, customized preferences, weekly subscriptions and more.


Use the app to schedule your laundry. Simple, streamlined and customizable. Laundry is no longer a chore.

Coming to Brockville Summer 2017.

What is Laundrypoints?

Laundrypoints is a web based laundry delivery service with a points-based system. Customize your profile by adding multiple addresses, cleaning preferences, choose dates and times for your laundry to be cleaned, create a recurring subscription to have your laundry cleaned every week. With every clean basket of clothes; you'll earn laundry points. You can redeem your points for free services.

We've got you covered.





Better than flowers.

Our service makes for a great gift. Have us pick up their laundry and clean it. Much more effective than sending flowers.

For just $15 Load/Week, Laundrypoints is not only convenient, its practical. No more time spent sitting in a laundromat, no more money spent buying laundry soap, dryer sheets, fabric softener and no more time spent folding your clothes.

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